Libby Rak – Jewellery Designer

Libby is a 20 year old jeweller from Oxfordshire but her passion for jewellery began at a young age. Libby is currently undertaking a Jewellery manufacturing diploma at Holt’s academy in London, and at the same time working with Julia Beusch and working on developing her new collection. After her Diploma, Libby hopes to find an apprenticeship.

All of Libby’s jewellery is made using Sterling Silver, Gold and semi-precious Gemstones. New pieces will be added to her website as she continues to expand her collection. She also offers a commission and repair service.

Check out her Website!


A2 Level Bench by Adam Burhnam

This is Bench created for Marlborough School as an A Level Project.

The Design for made using a laminated ply shuttering with Reinforced Steel Bars flowing through. South African Iroko Timber was used for the slates, each individually carved for added comfort.

The Shuttering was then filled with a concrete mixed with added fiber to bind the concrete.

The site was filled with concrete for foundations with ‘Rebars’ sticking out allowing a strong connection between the ground and the bench. The concrete bar inbetween either stand was strong enough to hold 4 people comfortably standing on it.

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