Why Choose Architecture?

Why choose Architecture? Seven years of stresses and struggles for what?

Well the reason I chose architecture is simple. I want to change the world!

Why didn’t you chose politics then? Tell me the last time a politician didn’t lie, or try to manipulate you or actually care about the things you believe are most important? The government under David Cameron introduced Fracking, spending billions to extract fossil fuels, where in contrast that money can go on renewable energies…


The California Academy of Science

Speaking to architecture students at the University of Portsmouth, they say the most important thing when approaching a design is the environmental impact. This can decide; where you place a building, how you structure it and what materials you use. Improving the environment means respecting where and how you build on it.

By studying and practising Architecture you can make the difference on a small and large scale. You can decrease the carbon footprint for a house just by coming up with a systematical approach using renewable energy. Implementing solar panels, or using rain water harvesting techniques for example. You can change a whole urban landscape by using Tidal Wave Energy to power your street (if you live on the coast). The possibilities are endless.

There are forever new technologies that are being released each year that needs more architects to use them effectively.

Do you want to change the environment we live in? Do you want to change the world for the better? one small change can make a big difference.

Become an Architect!


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