Is studying Architecture affecting your mental health?

The answer is most likely to be yes, but what why do architect students feel so stressed and what things can you do to help the ease?


There are many things that cause a student to stress; deadlines, your quality of work, and social life are just a few of them.

Architects are put under a huge amount of pressure to work consistently to improve their work. From experience architect students often spend about 30-40 hours a week on developing designs and told during a 10 minute weekly session  they are not producing enough work, or there work is not of quality. It is important for you to know that you are not the first or the last to hear this.

Lectures are tough because their tutors before were the same (We often forget they were in the same situation). They may be harsh with your work, but it is important to remember they do actually care about you, and want you to achieve the best you can. This means something if you don’t understand something, or need extra feedback (because there is never enough) go and speak with them in their office directly.

If you have problems with your private life, they are there to help you if you need as well (if you aren’t comfortable then your university normally has a designated person you can talk to.

How to best get through your workload and avoid the stresses:-

  • Do a little bit of work each day, even if you are not in the mood, most inspiration comes when you least expect it. A few drawings or writing an idea down will go along way.
  • Talk. Talk to your friends, course mates, family and tutors. They can look at your work from another perspective and make you think differently.
  • Chat to as many course mates as possible, you’ll realise you’re all in the same boat, and will be more critical (which is a good thing!)
  • Exercise and Sleep exercise will relieve stress and make you feel a sense of daily/ weekly accomplishments whilst studying. Sleep will help you to reboot, important for a creative course, you cant think of great ideas on little sleep. 8 Hours in recommended.
  • TURN UP, the most important one, if your attendance starts slipping it gets harder and harder to catch up, if you haven’t done the work for a certain seminar, still turn up, they will give you ideas and help you more.

Most of you will know all of these things, but sometimes you need to hear it from somewhere else to sink in. If anyone has any questions please leave a comment, or feel free to contact..

Here’s a youtube video for a few more tips:

Adam – BA2 Architect Student

-CEO of ArchiChain

2 thoughts on “Is studying Architecture affecting your mental health?

  1. Dear Archichain.

    Great advice.. Architecture is touch but is a great profession to be involved in. It won’t always be the case that design is individual once in the working world you will work collaboratively. They key points you make on how to get buy are ideal. Looking at inspiration will also help.. beautiful examples that make you excited about design!

    Within school eduction there is not many opportunities to experience what it means to critique ideas. This means when we have individual design ideas to which we receive critique it is challenging to think only about the design and not to take it personally that something is not good enough. Practice does help so if this is you… keep going.

    We look forward to more interesting articles.

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  2. Dear Archichain,
    ‘Is studying Architecture affecting your mental health ?’
    Architecture effects everyone in different ways, this is normal as no mind is the same. We all have different ways of thinking and learning. Some work better in the day, others in the evening. The key in my humble opinion to achieving sanity is time management. As students will know, deadlines generally mean long nights at the library with no sleep and 17 cups of coffee down our throats. This is avoidable, with time management you can set yourself goals of what you want to accomplish in that day. Doing this allows you to complete your work gradually with regular sleep and a low caffeine content, win win. Sleep, eat, study, repeat.

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